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HR is changing and Qulture.Rocks helps you to keep up. Our e-books about Performance and People Management practices will get you up to speed on key market trends and put your company ahead of the competition.

Google’s Performance Management Practices

In this free ebook, discover Google’s stack of performance management practices, a source of practical benchmark and ideas for knowledge companies worldwide.

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The Qulture.Rocks Guide to a Kick-Ass Culture

This ebook explores the tools that you can use to hack, tweak, and reinforce your company culture. Having a great culture boosts employee engagement, which in turn improves performance, reduces voluntary job attrition, and increases the happiness levels of your workforce.

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OKRs: from Mission to Metrics

Get the real history of OKRs, all the rituals companies need to implement OKRs on their daily work, how OKRs should be aligned organizationally and chronologically, practical troubleshooting and much more!

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